On Social Influence


I want to influence people. A good influence.


I am always amazed to see a person or group of people who commit themselves to a cause for the betterment of the people in society. I admire them. They inspire me, and I hope I could be one of them in the future.


Here are some of the people whom I admire and had influenced me.


BOB PIERCE. The founder of Samaritan’s Purse and World Vision, he has a heart focused on the upliftment of the poor and the sick. In the book “This One Thing I Do”, it narrates how an ordinary person could accomplish extraordinary things. He did not even finish a college degree. His being a doctor was just an honorary doctorate in recognition of his contribution. They are specialized in relief operations whether it’s a war in Korea, genocide in Africa, or a flood in China. His influence continues to this day. It even reached me. I was once a sponsored child of the World Vision from elementary until high school.


WINSTON CHURCHILL. The watchman. The Prime Minister of Britain during the Second World War who rally his country to fight against Hitler’s war machine. While a member of the House of Commons, he kept on warning the Parliament to prepare and rearm because of an imminent danger coming from Hitler’s Germany. He was alone in the call. Nobody believed him, and others called him a fool. Neville Chamberlain, then the Prime Minister even went to Germany to clear up things peacefully. It was late when they found out that Churchill was right when Hitler attacked Poland and the neighboring countries. Chamberlain resigned, and Churchill, the right person for the job, got the support of the parliament, and assumed the leadership. He saved the British, and saved the world entire. World War Two would have had a different outcome without Winston Churchill in the Britain’s command.


MILLARD FULLER. Founder of the Habitat for Humanity, he only had one vision, that is to provide every family a decent home to live. It started with one Koinonia house given to a family. He gave up his work as successful corporate lawyer to focus on his cause. This time hundred of thousands of families were given decent homes to live from USA across Africa, in Asia and different parts of the globe. It’s very encouraging to see people from different walks of life working together to build a house, a family, a community and a nation.


TONY MELOTO. The Local counterpart of Millard Fuller, layman who dreams to build 700, 000 houses in 700 communities in the Philippines within seven years. He called it Gawad Kalinga. What a heart! What a vision! He earned the trust not just of the government, but of people from abroad as well. Exchange students were sent here to observe and participate in community building through GK. Schools, people from different faith, NGO’s and the government work hand in hand to build houses for the poor. It’s more than building houses. It’s building community. It takes a community to transform a nation. GK has a holistic approach in community, and so contributes to nation-building.


DOROTHY DAY. Founded the Catholic Worker Movement, which provides daily ration of food to the homeless during the Great Depression and Second World War. They live by faith as to they don’t know where will they be getting their funds for the next day. She’s so simple. Her story would remind us that one doesn’t have to be rich to help people.


PHILIP YANCEY. My favorite author in the Christian literature. He delves deeper in the basics of Christianity like Jesus, Bible, Prayer, Grace, Pain, and Suffering. He’s reflective and honest in his writings. He does not do a “do-this” and “do-that” approach, but invites readers to journey with him and letting them see things from his perspective. The truths revealed in his books are so spontaneous, hitting both the mind and heart.


There are more many people whom I admire because of their remarkable achievements in their specific fields. I’ve noticed that they have common qualities:


  1. Belief in God. All their actions are grounded on their faith in a God of love and justice. They are driven by a sense of mission, doing God’s delegated job here on earth.
  2. Humility. These people so great, with great accomplishments, remain to be humble. They always acknowledge that it was the people’s cooperation and God’s guidance that made them successful. They never heap all the praise for themselves alone. This is in sharp contrast with a person who achieves little and yet starts to think of himself bigger than he actually is. These people remind to be humble, and to always rely on God’s mercy and strength.
  3. Passion. Their zeal is abounding and contagious. “The giants all had one thing in common: neither victory nor success, but passion”


May the Lord Jesus use me to influence people and to fulfill His purpose on Earth?


>>>These are sunrise papers as requirements on our Social Psychology Class under Mr. Villano.

About bagoy

This is a personal blog of Bagoy. He lives in a peaceful community of Barangay Banate, province of Sarangani, Philippines. He loves to play POG with his nephews.
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