40th FEMSUSSCO General Assembly

Photo taken during the cultural night.

Delegates with Dr. and Madam Sarip with the LGU officials

Miss Fathma of MSU-IIT presents their accomplishment and financial report.

Nhur-in and Dang of MSU-Sulu

MSU-Naawan Boys on the tune of waka-waka

MSU-Buug and MSU-MaigoFathma, Ardith, Carlo, Cristy, Rudy

@ Alindahaw Resort, Biswangan, Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur

delegates at the plenary.

Mr. Rasheed, Mr. Madz, Mr. Fhaizal and Miss Dang (MSU-Tawitawi and MSU-Sulu)

What's our agenda?

Ana Cristy and Joanamae of MSU-Gensan


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