msu-tcto glory

February 2, 2011, 6am.

I’m learning a lot here in MSU-TCTO. The welcome is very warm and the people are kind.

Had a talk with a friend yesterday and he was talking about this “conscience block” who brought to victory the chancellors of MSU-Gensan, and MSU-Naawan.

What’s the composition of the conscience block?

The “conscience block” as the name implies cannot be bought and influenced by powerholders during the election, but decides critically and religiously on their own conviction. They discuss among themselves who would they like to win based on the leadership principles and criteria they set themselves. The MSU-Naawan and MSU-Gensan had a result of 8-7. This means my vote as a student regent could be a deciding factor in this upcoming Chancellors election of MSU-TCTO and MSU-IIT.

This conscience block will be tested this coming March. Is there still existing? It should also be known that the composition of the Board has changed. What happened before might not be the same today.

I have no ample knowledge on how the Board behaves during election. Based on the past two board meetings, though limited it may seem, I have a high regard on this august board—that it puts first above all the interest of the MSUans.

I’ve set three qualifications as criteria in voting for the next chancellor.

1. Character. Is he a man of integrity? Was he not involved in corruption or allegations in the past? Did he fulfill his promises relating to his previous administrative position? Is he a godly person?

2.Competence. His/her academic background, administrative positions in the past, leadership skills. The ability to communicate his vision and mission, and leading his constituents in getting there.

3. Acceptability. Is he the bet of the students, faculty, and staff? These people who know the candidates very well should be heard in the coming election. I, representing the students, will give gravity to the students’ candidate, provided the two above are met.

May the Lord give me wisdom to decide who’s the right man for the job, and the courage to write it down, amid the pressure. I’m yet to experience this pressure. Is there really?

MSU-Tawi-tawi College of Technology and Oceanography

MSU Tawi-tawi College of Technology and Oceanography gate Sanga-Sanga, Bongao, Tawi-tawi

I’ve met three candidates for chancellorship yesterday: one from the budget office, one from the Political Science Department, and one lady from the college of fisheries. The MSU-TCTO is in a “state of decay” as one person puts it. The next chancellor will inherit the decreasing student population, the horrible men’s dormitory, some moonlighting staffs, struggling community high schools, and low budget.

Having dedicated and competent  faculty force and supportive students backing him up, I’m sure he could effect change.

Last Monday, had a little conversation with Rasheed’s Ina while riding in a car (Rasheed on the steering wheel) on our to the way Zamboanga seaport. His mother, a faculty in the College of fisheries, is now working in UN, doing development efforts in Mindanao (under secondment contract). She shared to us those beautiful days of MSU-TCTO: the quality education, and people’s high regard on this university. She uttered something like this, “The challenge for the next chancellor is to revive its (TCTO) former glory.”

Reviving its former glory, or even exceeding it, will be the mission not just of the incoming Chancellor, but of the joint efforts of the students, faculty, staff, community, and the LGU.



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This is a personal blog of Bagoy. He lives in a peaceful community of Barangay Banate, province of Sarangani, Philippines. He loves to play POG with his nephews.
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2 Responses to msu-tcto glory

  1. Former MSU- TCTO Student says:

    There is no one who can revive it. And that’s Dr. Abubakar Harain.

  2. bagoy says:

    salam. good day. thanks for the comment. Mr. reyes was elected by the Board to be the next TCTO Chancellor.

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