MSU-TCTO trip (Feb. 1-3)

February 3, 2011, 1130am


Magandang Tawi-tawi!


My previous post mentioned about one person’s comment on the “state of decay” of MSU-TCTO. In the afternoon of that day, I together with Duds, Mads, Karen, Tadz, Dimple and other SSC officers, visited the TCTO campuses in the Bongao proper. That’s a 30-minute ride from the main campus. At the heart of the town stood the Graduate School, the Institute for Information and Communication Technology building, and the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies. After having viewed the structures, which include the Datu Amirbahar H. Jaafar Convention Center, I commented to Duds, that I should reconsider and disagree with that phrase “state of decay”. TCTO is blessed to have these built coming from the government’s pocket. I even mentioned that MSU-Gensan don’t have these many, especially that convention centre.

There’s really a need to for reform in TCTO, and I’m receiving positive feedbacks on the current leadership of Madam Felisa Halun, the OIC. Too bad she will not be staying that long. The time is not enough for her to rehabilitate things up and to effect development that much. The search committee will be coming soon, and when it will finish its job, the election might be in the 22nd of March. I can only hope and pray that the next Chancellor will be the right man/woman to do job. I can also vote.


I should also congratulate the leadership of Mr. Rasheed Tikmasan and Mr. Al-majid Mundok, the President and the Vice-president of the SSC-TCTO, for being brave and courageous to voice out the needs and problems encountered by the students especially with regards to the dumitory, infirmatay, the liblibrary, and the delayed allowances of the scholars. The current admin responded so well by calling up a meeting with the student leaders and the department heads. “We need actions, not explanations”, is the quotable quote in the campus. The supplies came a day after, and I’m yet to see the rehabilitated and conducive-for-study dormitories.


The consultative meeting yesterday morning (10am to 1pm) with the student leaders, DSA, and some Deans went well. I shared to them my duties and responsibilities, what we’re doing in the federation, and the dynamics of the Board of Regents as I see it based on the past two meetings I attended. They asked questions and discussion was interactive. In closing the consultation, I asked them, “How do you see MSU-TCTO three years from now?” The answers varied from quality education to increasing number of students, quality student leadership, and dedicated faculty force, etc. I can see their laughter, smiles, and excitement as each one shared the picture of MSU-TCTO that they wanted to be. I am confident that these will come to pass.


I have faith and trust in MSU-TCTO. This is and will be the premiere University in the southernmost part of the country that will bring progress to Tawi-tawi and neighboring provinces.

The hope and key to progress of Tawi-tawi is MSU-TCTO. Everyone stakeholder should start saying, “I love MSU” and “what can I do to contribute?”


Note: Sitting here at McDo in front of the Zamboanga Cathedral. Duds told me that this is the largest in Mindanao. Arrived in Zamboanga airport 0925am from Tawi-tawi (40-min fly). Thanks to Sir Tamburani for arranging my flight. Thanks to Madam Aida and Madam Halun for the hotel accommodation. I’ll be staying for a night and observe the weather. I’m supposed to sail to Sulu this evening, but due to bad weather, I’m postponing it. When we’re about to disembark from the plane this morning, a passenger told me that a boat to Jolo (M.V. Princess glory) got sunk last night. I felt a surge of nervousness. Di pa naman ako marunong lumangoy. I called up Midz of Sulu to inquire. Good it’s not true. Many thanks to Duds, Madz, Dimple, Tads, Ate Naring, Ate Elena, Madam Calva, dept heads, student leaders, faculty, and staffs who made my visit in MSU-TCTO a memorable one. The welcome was so warm and the food sarap. God bless.


I’ll be sharing some time about the Muslim hospitality.








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6 Responses to MSU-TCTO trip (Feb. 1-3)

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  2. Rash says:

    Nice 1. It made me miss Bongao, hope you could come to our peaceful island. “Manuk-mangkaw Simunul Tawi-tawi a.k.a “Nusa”

    • imreflecting says:

      hi rash, hopefully God willing. where are you now? are you in a scholarship? Tawi-tawi is a beautiful place. Good that you’re featuring it in your blog also. Salam.

    • imreflecting says:

      hi rash, hopefully next time, makapunta. Where are you now? Are you in a scholarship program?

  3. duds says:

    brother earl, graduation day is fast approaching.. im so sad that im leaving msu na, i do hope the leadership of msu tawi-tawi will gonna go in good hands and in students for sure.. im gonna miss my fellow students, fellow officers and most specially chatting with our mentors, the learnings were priceless that im so proud of being part of msu, and being msuans.. god bless msu.. kita kitz here sa grauation day.. salam brother..

  4. imreflecting says:

    Salam, brother dudz. That word “brother” is so deep and i consider myself blessed for you to call me as one.

    Congratulations! I hope I could make it in your graduation on the 29th this month. I’m yet to receive the invitation. hehe.
    Thanks for your support and above all, thanks for the friendship. Please send my regards to Mads, Ate Elena, and to officers. God bless.

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