Who is Atty. Lorenzo Reyes?

Chancellor Lorenzo Reyes (photo credit:cropped photo from Jun Mercado Blog)

…expect to improve the morale of the faculty and staff. I will inspire both the faculty and staff to work and rally behind me in making MSU Tawi-tawi an outstanding university in the community of colleges and universities, here and abroad.-Atty. Lorenzo Reyes (concept paper)

He is a native! His folks belonged to the original public teachers brought to the Archipelago of Sulu when General Tasker Bliss of the famed Moro Province brought governance and education to the islands. Though he was a man from the University of the Philippines and Harvard University, he speaks and acts like one of Oblate missionaries who can swim in the seas of loneliness, isolation and “hopelessness”. Why? Because they are either nuts or they are a people who are passionately in love with the peoples and the islands. I believe it is the latter!

-Jun Mercado (on a blog entry entitled Bud Bongao)

He’s the newly elected Chancellor of MSU-TCTO.

Considered as an “outsider” by some, here’s some of his profile as reflected in his credentials submitted to the Search Committee.

Full name: Lorenzo Regellana Reyes

Home Address: 10 Pine St, West Fairview, Quezon City

Date of Birth: May 9, 1952

Place of Birth: Buan, Balimbing, Tawi-tawi

Educational Background

Degree School Inclusive Years Academic Distinction
MPA Harvard University 2000-2001 Class Marshall
MA-Industrial Relations UP Diliman 1979-1982 Highest Grade
Bachelor of Laws UP Diliman 1975-1980
AB Political Science MSU-Main Campus 1968-1972
Secondary Education MSU Preparatory High School, Bongao, Tawi-tawi Graduated 1968 Valedictorian
Elementary Bongao Elementary School Graduated 1964 Highest Honors

Work Experience

Position Agency/Institution Inclusive Dates
Assistant Secretary Department of Agrarian Reform 1990-present
OIC-Governor Tawi-tawi 1987-1988
Regent In-Charge MSU-Tawi-tawi 19886-1987
College Instructor MSU-Sulu 1974-1980
Dean of Student Affairs MSU-Tawi-tawi 1972-1974
College Instructor MSU-Tawi-tawi 1972-1974

Same with the IIT, on the first voting there was a tie between Reyes-5 and Harain-5. Kashim and Ismael got 2 votes each respectively and Madam Hadji got one.

The run-off favored Reyes with 8 votes and Harain with 6.

Congratulations to Atty. Reyes!


About bagoy

This is a personal blog of Bagoy. He lives in a peaceful community of Barangay Banate, province of Sarangani, Philippines. He loves to play POG with his nephews.
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5 Responses to Who is Atty. Lorenzo Reyes?

  1. Eduardo C. Alivio says:

    Yes, I believed in him, I believed he’s the right person in times like this in TCTO, hinaut unta nga mag malinawon ang iyahang pagdala, nga dili na samokon, ika nga, give TCTO a chance to be developed, a chance to be recognized in the global window that there is this TCTO existing in the southernmost part of the Mindanao.

  2. bagoy says:

    Hi Sir Ed, thank you for the comment. This is his chance. This is the opportunity of the TCTO to grow and be recognized in the country and in the global arena with the new leadership. However it will not be that easy. Earning the trust and support of the TCTO will be the first challenge. The first six months will be crucial.

    I just hope he’ll make it. I believe he will with his vision, leadership skills, and with the support of the faculty, staff, students and of the community.

    More so, the alumni is a great resource that needs to be tapped considering the dwindling budget coming from the government.

  3. Hans and Nemie Müller says:

    Hello Lorenz,
    Congratulations!!! you did it. We are very proud of you. Wishing you the best of everything and more success in life. We wish to see you there in Tawi Tawi,We will be in the Philippines between September 23 up to October 21 without Hans only with our children Jeanette and Yvette. But Jeanette will come to Manila on Sept. 29 up to Oct. 14. How is the situation there in Tawi-tawi? Is it possible for us to go there? How I wish to see Bongao again…..are you in Facebook? Here is my E-mail address NemieDM@gmx.de If in case you have time to write us. Regards to your wife.Till here and May God bless and keep you health and safety…Hans and Nemie

  4. wynn says:

    good day everyone,

    Does anyone knows the personal email add of Atty. Lorenzo R. Reyes? I do appreciate much if anyone can help me get connected to him.

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