20 minutes at bedtime

Imagine the world where all the parents spend time reading a story to their children every evening.

When I was in my elementary years, I never had an experience of my mother reading to me a story. But yes she taught me the “abakada”. I could also remember those  afternoons when she prepared for us a sumptuous champorado. I was always excited going home from school anticipating for that champorado or banana barbecue. The barbecue worth 50 centavos then.

My mother was a full-time housewife until my second grade. (I was in grade five when she finished her degree in elementary education.) With that, I could say that blessed are the children who have full-time mother. Someone says that the “greatest gift a father could give to her children is a full-time mother.” I agree, but for nowadays it’s practical for both parents to work. However, if the father could provide all the needs and little luxury of the family, and if it pleases the mother, she could be “full-time” spouse and mother to children. If she chooses to, this should not prevent to develop her potential and stifle her intellectual development.

My father did not read to me a book either, but I remember many instances when he forced me to read, specifically the Bible. The Bible was the only available book in the house other than the textbooks. I was crying while reading. Today, I can only look back in those evenings and thank him for those.

We don’t have full-time mothers today. Parents spend time little with their children, and this happens usually when they are watching television.

The work should not be an excuse for parents to have no intimate moments with their children.

If you are a father or mother who seemingly lose track of your children because of your busyness, try this: SPEND 20 MINUTES READING TO YOUR CHILDREN AT BEDTIME.*

Whatever books there may be. Be it on adventure, the Bible, or fairy tales, please do. For children, I recommend Luis Gatmaitan and Grace D. Chong books.

We your children would love to spend time this 2o minutes with you.

Imagine your family when you regularly spend time reading with your children at bedtime. This needs not remain an imagination.

*This is a program of the Gig and Amazing Sampaguita Foundation, Incorporated. Its vision is to “help promote well-bonded relationships among and within seafarer and OFW families (Overseas Filipino Workers) through reading habits.”

Today is April 28. My parents wedding anniversary is March 28. Happy 30.08th wedding anniversary to them.

About bagoy

This is a personal blog of Bagoy. He lives in a peaceful community of Barangay Banate, province of Sarangani, Philippines. He loves to play POG with his nephews.
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3 Responses to 20 minutes at bedtime

  1. Thank you for supporting the GASFI advocacy! God bless you!

    We hope to get more families reading at bedtime to children, possibly spending the most nurturing 20 minutes of their day this way!

  2. bagoy says:

    Hi. Kalinaw. it’s a joy to support this. ts simple yet if done will do a tremendous impact to Filipino families. thank you also for giving me the opportunity to join the ugnayan. More power to you and to GASFI and its advocacy.

  3. Emily says:

    Such great advice! My kids love to read at night and are sad if we don’t have time to read as many books as they want. In fact, it’s great motivation to get through the pajamas & tooth-brushing time faster. I’ve found some helpful tips on this Mom’s Guide if you want to check it out. Thanks for all the good work you are doing!

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