Unconditional love

Many years ago I was driven to the conclusion that the two major causes of most emotional problems among evangelical Christians are these: the failure to understand, receive, and live out God’s unconditional grace and forgiveness, and the failure to give out that unconditional love, forgiveness and grace to other people….We read, we hear, we believe a good theology of grace. But that’s not the way we live. The good news of the Gospel of grace has not penetrated the level of our emotions.

-David Seamands, quoted by Philip Yancey in his book What’s So Amazing About Grace

Is there such thing as unconditional love? If there is I am willing to work for it and spend money to purchase it.

I am longing for such love, but I’m still puzzled if there such exist. It is very ideal and I wonder if humans are capable of giving it out.

Last week, I watched a debate on RH bill on television. One question that was raised by a panelist to the priest is “tanggap nyo po ba kami? ang isang katulad ko?” I don’t fully remember the question in verbatim, but he was asking if the priest could accept him as he is. He is gay. And the priest replied that he accepts and welcomes people like him, but the problem, the priest added, is that he does not come. The priest was very confident of his arguments, but the panelist just smiled. I surmised he was not convinced.

That was sad. I’m reminded by the advice of a pastor in MSU who told us in one of our discussions to be cautious in the debate. “You may win the argument but lose the person.” Christianity is not about winning debates but winning the lives of people by showing the unconditional love of God.

The church is the conscience of the state. It has a clear-cut definition of morality, right and wrong. It has flaws, I admit, but we should also be reminded of its contribution. Gawad Kalinga started as a project of the Catholic Couples for Christ. An orphanage and a home for the aged in General Santos that we visited about two years ago were founded by Catholic Missionaries. Many institutions dealing in rehabilitating the drug addicts, rescuing physically and sexually abused children, saving prostitutes, and doing social works in the marginalized communities have the name of saints on their sign boards.

The challenge for the Church is to send and magnify what lies behind their hard arguments: love.

Everyone of us made mistakes. Some were very terrible that we wonder if people could still accept us should they learn about it. We have secrets that we hide in the deepest closet in our hearts. Lies. Selfish motives. Lust. Greed. Idleness. Self-pity. Insecurity. But when we are accepted, we experience freedom. We don’t have to pretend and wear mask for us to be accepted. We can be who we are.

Is there such thing as unconditional love?

I say yes. I experienced one. My parents’. After failing  many times on many of my Engineering subjects, my parents are still there supporting me and accepting me as their son. Acceptance and assurance after much failings, don’t we all desire that? Only unconditional love could do that.

Have you been in love? I get a glimpse of  unconditional love in romantic love. You still love and commit yourself to your beloved amid his/her weaknesses, tantrums, unfulfilled promises, and sometimes unfaithfulness. Why is that?

God’s love is the foundation of unconditional love. “If God loves us as we are we cannot remain as we are.”

Unconditional love is free. I don’t need to work for it. I only need a humble heart to accept it. After experiencing such, then can I only freely give.


About bagoy

This is a personal blog of Bagoy. He lives in a peaceful community of Barangay Banate, province of Sarangani, Philippines. He loves to play POG with his nephews.
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