Paul Tournier wrote about friend who was obtaining a divorce:

I cannot approve of his course of action, because divorce is always disobedience of God. I should be betraying my belief if I  were to hide it from him. I should be betraying my belief if I were to hide it from him. I know that there is always a solution other than divorce to a marital conflict, if we are really prepared to seek it under God’s guidance. But I know that this disobedience is no worse than the slander, the lie, the gesture of pride which I am guilty everyday. The circumstances of our life are different, but the reality of our hearts are the same. If I were in his place, would I act any differently from him? I have no idea. At least I know that I should need friends who loved me unreservedly just as I am, with all my weaknesses, and who would trust me without judging me. If he gets his divorce, he will no doubt meet even greater difficulties than those he is in today. He will need my affection all the more, and this is the assurance I must give him.

-Philip Yancey, What’s So Amazing About Grace

We will stand and fight against divorce in the Philippines, but we need to magnify all the more the love toward those who are fighting for it.

First, the reproductive health bill. Second, the divorce. After a year or two, the abortion bill will be pushed to the Congress, with all the medical facts in favor to it. Our society is getting more and more tolerant, putting emphasis to the freedom of choice.

How the Christians, the body of Christ, will behave on these issues?

I need to remind myself on the basic teachings of Jesus like prayer, worship, making disciples, fellowship, and doing good to others.

The Kingdom of God is likened to a yeast in the Bible.


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This is a personal blog of Bagoy. He lives in a peaceful community of Barangay Banate, province of Sarangani, Philippines. He loves to play POG with his nephews.
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