Mentors in the Board

(L to R) Cayog Mamad, Boniero Lumasag, Me, Mario Anacio, Oscar Barcenas, Selah Omamalin (Photo taken at CHED Conference room by Dr. Datumanong Sarangani)

I would like to thank my friends and mentors in the Board. Aside from Sir Mayong, I have mentors coming from the Office of the Board Secretary.

Sir Cayog is the BOR cashier. Trusted by the President when it comes to money, he handles the allowances of the regents. Blessed father indeed. His son has just passed the recent Bar Exam. Remember the Taft bombing?He was nearby when it happened. His daughter is currently reviewing for the BAR. His another son is also working in the DFA. I wish I could visit his farm in Marawi.

Sir Boni have been in the Board for a long time. That’s why I ask tips from him every now and then. He is in-charge of all the incoming and outgoing documents in the Office of Board Secretary. He takes note also of the proceedings. Next in rank to the Board Secretary, he’s always gentle, and a loving father to his children and grandchildren. He has a brother who once became a faculty regent in the person of Dr. Gil Lumasag of MSU-Naawan. Lumasag brothers in the Board.

Sir Mario, the Big Man of the Board is a jolly and industrious staff. He’s not really from the Office of the BOR Secretary, but from the MSU Manila Information Office under Madam Delilah Saber-Dimapunong. In the MIO, he sends communications to the Senate and House of Representative coming from MSU. With him, we laugh endlessly.

Sir Oscar Barcenas is the former BOR Secretary. After his retirement, he was hired by MSU as consultant to assist the Board. I’m blessed because he’s generous with ideas and pieces of advice. He advised me on my first batch of agenda. Though, almost all were withdrawn because they were administrative matters, the message had been clearly sent. Now he’s out of the country for an “APOstolic” mission. When you visit his office, you’ll usually see him reading David Baldacci books, etc, with a cigarette on his right hand.

And the last one Miss Selah. I call her Ate Selah,  the rose among the thorns, is in-charge of the technical matters. She is a graduate of Information Technology in MSU-Main. She’s the object of teasing and pestering by the her “uncles and lolos”. I could say she’s sweet and sometimes frank and a loving sister to her siblings. One time she traveled to Butuan (it’s a 7-hour trip from Marawi) to visit her sister who met an accident lately and bought her a pair of shoes. Less than a day she did stay there and traveled back to MSU.

They are my ate, uncle and lolo (ouch) in the board. For a very short time, I need to learn fast the dynamics of the Board and I’m blessed to have them.

Thanks to them. I cherish every bit of  their advice. I will surely miss them.

About bagoy

This is a personal blog of Bagoy. He lives in a peaceful community of Barangay Banate, province of Sarangani, Philippines. He loves to play POG with his nephews.
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