Write it anyway

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Let me share to you this post from  http://botheyes.wordpress.com. Found this while surfing the blogosphere. It fits the reason why I blog.

Write It Anyway

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Your book may not be the Great American Novel.

Write it anyway.

Your friends may tell you you’re wasting your time.

Write your book anyway.

It may not become a bestseller.

Write it anyway.

It might get reviews so bad they make you cry all night.

Write it anyway.

It may hit the top of the charts, and your family still won’t be impressed.

Write it anyway.

You may sell ten million copies, and still meet people who have never heard of you.

Write it anyway.

People may misinterpret it.

Write your book anyway.

You may look at it one day and cringe in embarrassment.

Write it anyway.

If you’ve gotten this far, you may as well just finish it, because all these scenarios will continue to live on in your mind

Whether you write it or not.

My blog post may not be that good and relevant, but I write it anyway.
I may receive negative comments, but I write anyway. The act of writing is a reward in itself, so write anyway.

Remember in writing, you give. It’s a generous act. You share something of yourself. There’s only one you in the world. Write and share anyway.


About bagoy

This is a personal blog of Bagoy. He lives in a peaceful community of Barangay Banate, province of Sarangani, Philippines. He loves to play POG with his nephews.
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2 Responses to Write it anyway

  1. Mattie J. says:

    I completely agee. I wrote my first novel in my seventh grade year. 62,000 words of total crap, haha. I look at it now and I wonder how I was ever able to be proud of such a work. And yet, it’s a chronical of all of my emotions throughout the time of writing it. Crap or not, it’s the only book I’ll ever have that I wrote my seventh grade year. And best of all, no one will ever be able to replicate it.

    Great post, thanks for sharing ^_^

  2. bagoy says:

    thanks for dropping by mj. perhaps you could share a copy of your book.

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