MSU Charter Revision

213th MSU Board of Regents Meeting, December 20, 2010, CHED Conference Room

I uploaded two versions of proposed MSU System Bill in my scribd account: I got these from former Chancellor Salazar of IIT last May. It was that time that the Office of the President released a special order constituting the committee on Charter Revision, on which I was one of the members. The drafts were products of the committee constituted by the Board years ago.

For several Board meetings, the issue of Charter Revision was always brought out. Former Alumni Regent Lucman questioned the composition of the Board. The MSU Board of Regents  is composed of seventeen, which according to him is illegal because the law provides there should be not less than 5 but not more than sixteen. University of the Philippines has eleven. He opined that the University should decide which law should apply: the Memo 45 or the R.A. 8292.

Regent Ali also opened up the position of Chancellorship in the Main Campus, on which the President is the Chancellor himself. There should be a chancellor, he stressed, other than the President. The discussion narrowed down to the Charter Revision because the charter that was enacted 50 years ago is only applicable to one campus university. Now the MSU has alreadey eleven campuse strategically located in Mindanao.  Some are in conflict-affected areas of Sulu and Maguindanao.

As the MSU celebrates its Golden Anniversary this year, it is high time that the Charter Revision be taken up at all levels in MSU System. The students, faculty, staffs, alumni, should create charter study groups to provide venue for the discussion.

Last July Board Meeting, Regent Brother Rolly Dizon reminded the Board on Charter Revision. The President was given until December to come up with a bill.

Every stakeholder of Mindanao State University should take part on Charter Revision. You may start by reading the draft.

Happy Golden Anniversary MSU! Mabuhay ka!

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