On trials

A photo taken at General Santos City Gethsemane Prayer Mountain: Forgotten... As I am forgotten And would be forgotten, so I would forget Thus devoted, concentrated in purpose.-T.S. Eliot

If I consider trials and discouragements as spices  which add delectable taste in my life, then I’ll welcome them when they arrive. I’ll embrace them and tell them here you are again. Come here. What do you want me to learn? Which part of me do you want strengthen? Have I committed a mistake which ought to be corrected?

Then I continue to remind myself, looking at the horizon, that the journey may take a little longer , but surely it is and will always be fun.


About bagoy

This is a personal blog of Bagoy. He lives in a peaceful community of Barangay Banate, province of Sarangani, Philippines. He loves to play POG with his nephews.
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