Leadership Quotes

Found some  scribbled quotes in my notebook. Funny thing is I couldn’t remember where did I get it from and when did I wrote it.

Personal visions are always multi-faceted–they always include deeply felt desires for our personal, professional, organizational, and family lives.-Peter Senge

Readjustment is a kind of private revolution. -Eleanor Roosevelt

To make a thing is no longer enough. Work also has to make a life.-P. Drucker

Having strong beliefs, being able to stick with them through popular and unpopular times, is the most important characteristic of a great leader.-Rudy Giuliani

What leaders have to remember is that somewhere under the somnolent surface is the creature that builds civilizations, the dreamer of dreams, the risk-taker. -John Gardner


1. The leader had to deliver exceptional results during his or her tenure.

2. The leader had to bring about a distinctive impact on the world, in part by creating a role model that others follow.

3. The leader had to preside over a significant crisis or renewal, making the company even stronger than before the struggle.

4. The leader had to leave legacy that transcends his or her own tenure, and ultimately beyond his or her own life.

Credit belongs to the source.

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