The Past, Revisited

Mindanao State University-Buug Campus (MSUBC) is a product of the confident endeavour of the past and present leaderships. It was established in 1971 as MSU-Buug Community High School, a self-supporting unit, in response to the incessant request of local residents through the local government units in order to uplift the educational status of the poor and underserved, especially the indigenous people of the province of Zamboanga Sibugay formerly Zamboanga del Sur. It was subsidized by MSU-Marawi Campus from 1974 to 1975, and absorbed as a full-fledged unit of MSU in 1976 by virtue of BOR Resolution No. 1030. Despite the very meagre budget given by the MSU-Main Campus, the school continued to operate with the commendable commitment of its faculty and staff.

          In 1982, the school was elevated into collegiate level and renamed as MSU-Buug College. It was authorized to offer general college courses by virtue of BOR Resolution Nos. 492 and 492-B, respectively. It was subsequently authorized to offer complete courses in Agriculture, Forestry, Education, and Liberal Arts through BOR Resolution No. 55, series of 1989.

          Despite its elevation into a collegiate unit, MSU-Buug operated under its budget as high school entity, the rules and policies of which were appropriate for high school units only. It was placed under the direct supervision of the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (External Studies). Consequently, its growth was stunted due to lack of funds and the absence of supervision from the mother campus located miles away. Such longing condition resulted to the complacency of the school constituents, particularly the members of the faculty and staff who felt neglected, so far from the concerns of the University officials. This was mitigated by the status quo of the leadership of the unit which lasted for more than 33 years.

          In 2002, by virtue of Special Order No. 581-OP, MSU-Buug was revitalized by the modification of its structure which subsequently transferred the supervision of the Unit to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. MSU-Buug by then became one of the colleges of Mindanao State University System (MSUS) and as such, it was headed by a Director/Dean.


          The appointment of Sultan Taha G. Sarip by Dr. Ricardo F. De Leon, acting President of the Mindanao State University System (MSUS), came to be the most awaited event that soothe the dried up and dying hopes of the MSUBC. Because of his energetic commitment as new Director, in just a period of three months, his leadership has resulted in many positive accomplishments. His charisma in dealing with the Local, National and Community leaders has gained the unified support of the local officials and the traditional leadership of the Royal House of Sibugay particularly in providing allocations for local scholarship programs and subsidies, all for the best of the province of Zamboanga Sibugay.

          At this point of time, the modest administration has gained support from the Local Government Units, the community and the traditional leadership of Zamboanga Sibugay. This is manifested by the various completed and on-going infrastructure projects and the financial support accorded to MSU-Buug Campus. Under the leadership of the University System President, Dr. Macapado A. Muslim, who has continually shown his sincere desire to propel the University System towards quality education that would cater even to the most remote communities of the province through his issuances of orders relative to the operation of MSU-Buug as the 8th collegiate campus of the MSU System coupled with the adoption of BOR Resolution No. 168 by the MSUS Board of Regents on September 30, 2010 granting fiscal autonomy to MSU Buug Campus, the aim of Mindanao State University Buug College to be the leading educational institution committed to the intellectual, socio-economic, political, and moral development of the people of Sibugay region is just an arm’s length away.

          MSU-Buug has truly gone a long way in performing its role for the educational advancement of the poor but deserving youth of Zamboanga Sibugay and its neighboring provinces, such as the Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur and the cities of Zamboanga and Pagadian. It is indeed accessible and is a true partner of the people and the government in achieving its special task as a social laboratory for peace and it creates an environment of peace and prosperity conducive for the Tri-People of Mindanao (the Muslims, Christians and the Lumads).

MSU-Buug Seal


The Seal
This is the emblem of the Mindanao State University showing the essence of its existence.

The Name
The name of the Campus is positioned in a circle form, which symbolizes the pride of the people of Sibugay of its existence and its advent canopies the four main thrusts of the Mindanao State University System: instruction, research, extension and production. The ten protrusions around the circle represent the present four provinces and six cities which were traditionally part of the Sibugay region to which the Unit shall extend its services.

The MSU System Logo
At the center is the main part of the seal of the Mindanao State University. Its position in the center signifies that the existence of the Campus in this region carries the philosophy, vision, and mission of the Mindanao State University System as the supra regional university of the country.

Enclosure of the main thrusts of the Campus
Enwrapped are five symbols which signify its different main concerns. At the bottom is the emblem for education, the first thrust of the Campus. At the right side are symbols for science and technology and at the same time means research. At the left is the symbol for social sciences and it also means extension services. Enclosed thereat is also a dove that symbolizes peace, one of the main concerns of MSU. The two enclosures at the top are symbols for agriculture and forestry that symbolize production, the fourth thrust of the campus.



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