The history of the Institute goes way back to 1946 with the establishment of the Iligan City National High School (ICHS). In 1956, the ICHS was converted into the Lanao Technical School (LTS) under the Bureau of Vocational Education (BEV). In 1965, RA 4626 converted LTS into the Northern Mindanao Institute of Technology (NMIT). However, this law was not implemented. On July 12, 1968, RA 5363 integrated LTS into the MSU System.

During the 62nd Meeting of the MSU Board of Regents on March 12, 1975, the first comprehensive reorganizational plan of the Institute was approved under BOR Resolution No. 894, Series of 1975. This plan made the Institute the first autonomous unit of the MSU System.

In the years that followed, MSU-IIT continually expanded and developed its academic programs. While doing so, it also enhanced research, infrastructure, and cultural activities.

The Seal

The seal represents the role of MSU-IIT in technological advancement. The solid circle represents the nucleus of scientific and technical knowledge upon which technology depends. The three graduated lines signify the increasing challenges and responsibilities a student in technology faces from year to year. The need for expansion, advancement, and excellence in technology is projected by the lines directed outward of the triangle, the symbol of stability. Red signifies the determination of MSU-IIT in pursuing her programs while yellow radiates a bright future ahead.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


A world-class institution of higher learning renowned for its excellence in Science and Technology and for its commitment to the holistic development of the individual and society.


To provide quality education for the industrial and socio-economic development of Mindanao with its diverse cultures through relevant programs in instruction, research, extension, and community involvement.


  • To develop and implement training programs geared to meet the technical and skilled manpower requirements of the specific type, magnitude, and level of competence needed by existing and projected industries in Iligan City and its environs;
  • To initiate and undertake projects and studies which bear on the manpower needs, industrial growth of Iligan, and other development projects including those needed by specific industries;
  • To organize and implement, as needed by the community, academic programs for the development of the technical and professional manpower that will enhance and support the industrial growth of Iligan within the economic and social development plan for Mindanao.

Core Values

"Commitment to Excellence through Teamwork anchored on Integrity and Accountability."


CHED Recognition

•Center of Excellence in Mathematics,  Chemistry, Biology, and Teacher Education
•Center of Development in Physics , Information Technology & Civil Engineering
•Zonal Research Center – Region IX, X, & ARMM
•Delivering Institution for CHED’s Faculty Development Program
•Region 10  2010 Outstanding HEI Extension Program Award

Accreditation (AACUP)

•Level II – reaccredited for all CASS programs (prior to 2011)
•Level II – reaccredited for College of Education programs  (prior ro 2011)
•Level I Accreditation for all programs in Business Administration & Accountancy
•Level II Accreditation for Civil & Mechanical Engineering
•Level I Accreditation (Candidate) for all other Engineering disciplines
•Level III Accreditation of CASS & CED programs in March 2011
Other Institutional Awards
•DOST’s ICT Learning Hub for Northern Mindanao & Virtual Center for Technology Innovation (VCTI) – Microelectronics
• Member of two national consortia (ERDT for engineering & Phil Science for sciences & math)
•Academic Center of Excellence in Biodiversity – (HARIBON)
•National Computer Center (NCC) Training Arm in Northern Mindanao
•2007 KAPATID  KAPATIRAN SA INDUSTRIYA) Finalist (Employees Confederation of the Philippines ECOP)
•Venue for more than 1000 DOST scholarships in SY2010 – ’11


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