A short pause

And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him…And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. Luke 2:40,52

Merry Christmas to you and to your family.

It’s good to read the Bible. Lately I’m not into reading and studying this precious book. Though I occasionally open it and scan some words of encouragement. I rarely spend time taking notes, study, and reflect on the passage.

The text above describes the growth of Jesus. The Bible holds no record how did Jesus spend his teenage years. After the birth, the Book shares a story when he was twelve. After that temple story, it proceeds to the narrative of his baptism.

I wonder how did Jesus spend his adolescence. Did he go to school? Did he also experience how it is to fall in love? I can just surmise that he had many admirers because “he grew in wisdom and stature”. During his youth, was he a celebrity in their hometown? If the teachers in the synagogue were amazed by his wisdom when he was twelve, then could it also be that his neighbors visited him to ask for pieces of advice? Or he did just live a simple, quiet life, helping his father’s carpentry business? One thing the Bible says is that he lived a sinless life.

Our times today are far better/worse than that of Jesus’. He didn’t have the luxury of facebook and twitter. Would he also have tweeted or added me in his facebook account?┬áHe was not bothered by issues on RH Bill, budget cuts, and the complex dynamics of the political system.

Our time is different. Is it really? But looking at it closely, nothing much has changed on the fundamentals. The human nature’s greed, lust, pride, hypocrisy which existed before are still around us constantly vying for our attention, my attention. It is much easier to indulge in these with the advanced technology. So many voices that are demanding our time. If we are not careful, we’ll surely step on the mines.

That’s why I find the verse above encouraging. It mentions three things: wisdom, strength, grace. In this very fast-paced world, may it be our prayer to ask and grow in wisdom, to be physically healthy and strong, and experience the grace of God.

Amid the complex society we’re living in, it is important that our within will be founded on sacred teachings or else we’ll be caught confused in the middle of tug-of-war of ideas. Mine I’m trying and struggling to found it in Jesus’.

God bless you and your journey. May you find favor with God and men.

Questions to ponder

1. What books am I currently reading which contribute to my intellectual growth?

2. Am I interested to grow in wisdom and knowledge?

3. How have been my decisions lately? Did I consult God in coming such or I just made it all on my own?

4. How is my physical health? Do I get enough sleep? Exercise? Am I eating healthy foods?


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Thank God


The year is about to end. It’s a good time to look back and remember God’s blessings. Thank God.


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